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Out of Water?
Having no water with a well system could be a variety of things.
We at Reliable Well Services will come to your home  
to professionally diagnose your out of water problem.
Our vehicles are fully stocked for every residential out of water need

If you are out of water and you feel it is related to your well system please call our office and we will arrive as soon as possible.
We answer our phone 365 days a year!
8 out of 10 no water calls involve the pressure switch. Insects get in between the contacts of a pressure switch and keep the pressure switch from talking to the pump to turn it on. You can remove these insects yourself! Simply turn off the power to the switch, remove the lid and  You must take caution and be sure the power is off. The pressure switch has a 220V or a 110V of electricity!!!!
The contacts are spring loaded. There is a white or black lip that when pulled toward the pressure adjuster, will open all 4 contacts at once. SEE IMAGE BELOW Open these contacts and let the contacts spring closed. A piece of fine sand paper would ensure that all insect debris is removed from the contacts. Open the contacts and fold the sand paper to be able to fit in between the contacts. Close the contacts with the sand paper still in there and pull upward. Do this with all 4 contacts. All it takes is one little piece of debris and your pressure switch will not talk to the pump. Now that you have done this, put the lid back on the switch, and turn on the power. If you have water either going into the aerator or into your home you have completed your task. At times, the pressure switch does need replaced. If you do not have water, please give us a call so we can send a qualified technician to diagnose your problem. 

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