Hard Water
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27gpm. Ideal for Well Water. Valves composite construction is very durable and suitable for your needs. This valve is digital and  does not require as much maintenance as the non-digital valves
27gpm. Ideal for Well Water and City Water. This valve is a metered valve and doesn't waste water during backwash. This valve backwashes when needed. This valve keeps a history and is fully programmable
A plastic material that pulls the hardness out of the water as it passes through. When the unit is regenerating, the hardness jumps from the resin and onto the salt water. That is why you must keep salt in your brine tank.
Ion Exchange Resin
Activated Carbon
Carbon is a pours material that absorbs chlorine from water and is used to remove a small bit of sulfur. Cleans with just backwash or a hydrogen peroxide
Removes up to 4 parts of iron from water, It is a blend of ion exchange resins, coarse sands, and white anion resin to remove tannic acid. Cleans with brine and softener cleaner.
Iron Blocker
White Anion Resin
A white resin that removes Tannic Acid. Application from a 6lbs cap in your softener to a complete tannin filter. Cleans with brine
KDF resin is the most expensive of the resins. This resin is designed to remove some color, soften water and deter bacteria growth
Colored Water
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Colored water can be caused by a number of things. It could be coming straight from your well or your softener may not be working correctly. Usually colored water straight from the well has either tannic acid or Iron. We at Reliable Well Services can test your water to determine whether it is Iron or tannic Acid. There are several types of filters and resins to remove the color.
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Hard water can be a nuisance. Hard water is not just in well water. Hard water is also in city water. Hard water can damage your fixtures and your appliances over time. Installing a softener will combat this problem. A softener works as an Ion exchange 
(See below). This process eliminates the hard water before going into your home. Call us for a 
FREE ESTIMATE and one of our water treatment professionals will come to your home and determine which type of filter best fits your needs.
Having an Iron problem in your water can be very frustrating. The Iron blocker filter will remove Iron and soften as well. The Iron blocker can remove up to 4 parts per million Iron. If your water has an Iron problem, please give us a call so we can give you a
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Softener Valves
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