Drinking Water Systems
The most practical drinking water system is the under the sink reverse osmosis ( R/O) system. There are a few different stages of R/O systems. The reverse osmosis system is recognized by the EPA as "the best available technology for meeting a wide variety of the Safe Drinking Water Act ( SDWA) regulations". 

There is also the Whole House Reverse Osmosis System. This system is the same concept as the under the sink R/O but on a lot bigger scale. The whole house R/O system is recommended only if you have salt intrusion in your well water. These system desalinate the water for not only drinking but to be able to shower, cook etc. With these systems, the chlorine must be maintained or you still can not drink the water. The water comes from the well, through the membrane , then into the holding tank. If this holding tank is not chlorinated, bacteria will grow, especially in the hotter regions making the water undrinkable. These system require a lot of additional equipment. The whole house R/O systems take everything out of the water, so you must put some of the things back. These systems require allot of maintenance. For more information, please send us an email or feel free to call our office.
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 The Whole House R/O will remove the "Stinky" water but it will not keep bacteria from growing in the holding tank. It also removes allot things from the water that we actually need. In addition to the membrane, you will need a holding tank, softener, chemical pump, carbon filter and a calcite filter. 
These systems can cost anywhere from 7,000.00 to 15,000.00 to install. That is why it is only recommended for salt intrusion. For more information, send us an email or give us a call. We will send a water treatment expert to your home for a FREE ESTIMATE to see if the Whole House R/O system best fits your needs.
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